About Us

A life spent studying and working in various design disciplines has led me to this, Lauren Skye Studio Homewares. 

I am, and always have been, completely addicted to the creative process and after 10 years in a career in Fashion Design, starting a family was the most beautiful creation I could have ever dreamed.

Despite this, I missed creating beautiful objects and working with fabrics and colour, hence Lauren Skye Studio was born. 

I believe that beauty is everywhere and is completely vital to our happiness.

Far from frivolous, surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects and colours is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.

I believe that creativity feeds the soul and kindness and generosity feed the heart.

I believe that form is just as important as function.

I believe that a beautiful home can serve as a tool for bringing people together as well as creating calm and serenity in those rare and precious moments of solitude.

I hope you enjoy viewing (and owning) my cushion covers even half as much as I enjoy creating them. Every time I post one of my creations to its forever home, I am filled with excitement and pride in my creations.



Sydney, Australia